Providing consulting to ensure that all young children recieve the support they need to bloom!

About Us

Blooming Child Development (Blooming) is a subsidiary consulting program based out of the Global Organization for Maternal & Child Health, a 501c3 non-profit aimed at improving the lives of women and children in impoverished communities. Organizations can be sure of not only getting expert consulting advice, but also know that their payment will go to Go-MCH’s maternal and child health survival programs worldwide.

Blooming believes that successful child development programs that support the multi-faceted needs of all children are within every program’s reach.

Our programs and trainings use expertise and child development standards as a spring board towards creative solutions and encouraging thought-empowering techniques that your staff can use to feel more in control of their site or program, and solve issues effectively and with solid preparation for successfully attaining long term goals.

Please contact us to inquire about helping us address your training and consulting needs, please email us at:

For more information on the Global Organization for Maternal & Child Health, please visit their website:, or find them on GuideStar and Network for Good.