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Health monitoring that satisfies the Head Start Standards can be a complicated and daunting task for some programs, hindered by rural area, as well as urban area landscape and populations. Whether your program has been operating long term or is just starting, we can provide common sense guidance while providing the following services.

  1. Staff training for Family Advocates and Center Directors: Training will supply the needed information while not over-informing well trained and well-educated staff. Brief surveys will be conducted prior to development of training, which will be customized for the needs of your site and staff.
  2. Procedural development: provide advice, assistance, and also write practical and effective procedures that can be used throughout your long term health monitoring implementation.
  3. Software training: provide patient and step-by-step training on the software your program uses to staff that is less computer literate or needs technical review. This can also go hand-in-hand with collaboration with staff training on new procedures as well as staff training on Standards.
  4. Basic Microsoft Office training for Head Start documentation: for staff who continues to have difficulty with using Microsoft Office products for documentation and recording processes, integrated training can include procedural review and software training to build confidence and instill empowerment.

We have extensive experience with a highly diversified staff. Consultants work to be sensitive to the wide spectrum of needs of Head Start employees. We understand that your staff may be very diverse in terms of culture, educational level, and comfort level with computer software programs. Our trainings can provide basic and advanced technical support and works to bring every one of your employee teams to arrive the same page, enabling your program to run more smoothly and with happier more productive workers.