Providing consulting to ensure that all young children recieve the support they need to bloom!


Nutrition is the basis of long-term health and well-being and is vital for early child development- neurological and physical growth. Head Start children are at highest risk for malnutrition and can be at both ends of the spectrum: over and under weight.

Consulting provides the practical solutions needed to implement successful nutrition monitoring programs at the center and home-based level on the following topics:


  1. Growth monitoring Training: training on gathering necessary data.
  2. How to best utilize nutritionists’ time: management staff training.
  3. USDA: applying for USDA funding and maintaining USDA requirements: For managing and implementing staff (2 separate trainings).
  4. Introduction to Nutrition: general nutrition training that provides a foundation of basic nutrition knowledge.
  5. Cultural issues related to Nutrition, helping staff become more sensitive and aware of cultural issues related to food.
  6. Additional trainings upon request.