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Transportation is a multi-faceted operation for Head Start programs riddled with considerations related to funds, time, county regulations, safety, training, and staffing. Organizations can find themselves with exponential costs and encountering risk very quickly. Bloom guidance and training provides your Head Start staff with the foundational knowledge and long-term solutions to implement a successful transportation program.

All trainings are customized to the needs of your center and staff.


  1. What to do first: technical and practical preparation for HS Management
  2. Teacher training: required safety training for teachers
  3. Driver training: required safety training for bus drivers and bus driver assistants
  4. Family Advocate training: helping FAs learn their role in the transportation program.
  5. Procedure development: assisting programs develop procedures that are right for them.
  6. Classroom implementation: training on student curriculum, required for transportation safety training.
  7. How to best utilize transportation staff during non-driving hours: Task-oriented solutions for transportation staff and technical training for low-technically-oriented staff:  classroom and computer software project integration.
  8. Trouble shooting: for existing programs, providing long-term solutions to existing or developing issues integrated with staff and procedural implementation.


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